Thursday, October 8, 2009

My Art

This blog of mine is dedicated to my art and those who have in influenced my growth as an illustrator. It will be painfully obvious that I am not a writer and am in fact, hoping that the human race reverts back to pointing and grunting. Until that time, I'll have to punch these keys with my fists and hope the output is in the form of words.

I'm a graduate of the School of Associated Arts (now The College of Visual Arts) in St. Paul MN were I studied graphic design and illustration. This was a time when computers were just coming on the scene but had not yet made it into the classrooms. As a result, my training was all based in the traditional methods and tools. But, after mistakenly drinking the paint thinner in stead of pop, I switched over to the digital side of things and never looked back.

And my paint thinner consumption has decreased almost one third of what it was.

All my current work is created on a Mac using Photoshop and Painter. For me, this was a life changer. Working on a Mac has helped me in techniques that in the past, seemed to be beyond my ability. Painter is just a tool but, it suits me.

Above is a page from an unpublished book written by Tom Maggi that we're sending out to publishers. It's about a child who has nightmares about monsters, bullys and things with no names but, the boy has his father to protect him.

That's it for now.

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