Sunday, October 16, 2011

Island Hopper

Here's another pulp inspired illustration. No big story behind it other I like adventure related illustrations.

Santa and Friends

Here's a nice illustration in a different style showing Santa getting some special help. Again, using Painter.

Twisted Triple Self Portrait

My world outlook was pretty much altered when I started reading Mad in the 70's. And I fell in love with Norman Rockwell's work very early in my life. Even before art school, I had a nice library of Rockwell art books. Not sure the other kids were jealous but, they should have been. Here I combined the two into one of Rockwell's famous pieces: Triple Self Portrait

Colorful Fish

I was in a tropical fish thing for a while and came up with some nice art. Probably easier to illustration them then take care of the real things.


I created this in the winter of 2010 when it was 15 below. All I wanted was green and warmth.