Monday, April 25, 2011

Shakopee in fog-2011

There was a heavy fog in Shakopee last Saturday morning. Visibility was about an 8th of a mile and it was half an hour after sun rise. Perfect time to take pictures. I grabbed the only functioning camera I own (a reconditioned Kodak point and shoot) and ran down to Huber Park that's next to the Minnesota River and a 3 minute walk from my house. The annual spring flood was underway so, there was plenty of water to help my compositions. In my younger days, I spent most of my time taking shots from behind a manual Minolta SLR but, as money grew tight, I had to cut back on my photography. Processing rolls of film was lower on the list that included rent, gas and food... Still have that Minolta and I still take it out and work it once in a while. I look at all the dents and scratches on it's body and remember the great times I had with it. Alaska, Duluth, Split Rock, Florida and Death Valley where I lost a lens cap. I started to back track hoping to find it but, my buddy said, "Ya' know Franklin, this place is called DEATH Valley for a reason. If you're going to keep looking, give me the keys to the car". That camera took a beating but it never let me down. It's one of my most prized processions.