Illustration Friday 4-27-12

This weeks Illustration Friday word is: Jump. But, I was in a gargoyle frame of mind. Odd but true.
 I like heights as a matter of fact but, I wouldn't try you know...jump between buildings. 

Created Corel Painter.


  1. Excellent - I had also a gargoyle in mind.
    Your friend seems to be very happy there. I am sure he has got a lot to tell...

    1. Thanks fr the kind words! I could fill a book with all kinds of odd looking gargoyle illustrations Really, you could make a anything into a gargoyle...

  2. I LOVE the perspective and composition, amazing!

  3. Thanks you VERY much for the kind words. Like you, I love doing art that makes ME smile and I hope others smile too. We're the luckiest people in the world.